Introducing Avaya 4602/4620 IP phones.

Avaya 4602/4620 IP Telephone subscriber voice terminals are devices of new design and functionality that expand the family of phones for the Enterprise Class Internet Protocol Solutions (ECLIPS) architecture.

The Avaya 4602 IP phone is an inexpensive model with two programmable call/function control buttons and ten fixed function buttons. The Avaya 4602 model is ideal for subscribers who only need access to the functions of a regular phone.

The Avaya 4620 IP phone has a large graphic display with 24 on-screen call/function control buttons. Four keys located along the bottom of the display provide direct access to applications and local options menus, such as the call log, a list of speed dial numbers, the WML Browser browser and other applications.

All Avaya desktop IP phones provide high sound quality, are equipped with a built -in loudspeaker function and an echo canceller. The simplified installation scheme provides connection to an IP network using a single connection to a 10/100 BaseT Ethernet LAN and automatic configuration of parameters for each port. All Avaya IP phone models are easily upgraded using downloadable software.

The cost of Avaya 4602 IP phones is $195, Avaya 4620 - $445. Delivery from the Race Communications warehouse in Moscow or within 4-6 weeks.

Full description of IP phones Avaya 4602/4620

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