BUC Satellite Amplifiers

Race Communications supplies Ku, Ka- and C-band amplifiers-converters (BUC) from various manufacturers, including Russian and domestic production. The amplifiers are designed to operate as part of central and HUB satellite communication stations, as well as VSATs and mobile satellite terminals. The product range includes BUCs of various frequency sub-bands, with a wide choice of transmitter powers and designs.

    Ku-band amplifiers:

  • Compact uncontrolled amplifiers with power from 4 to 16 W for mobile applications;
  • Classic solid-state GaAs amplifiers;
  • GaN amplifiers;
  • BUC for standard, extended and lower (target frequency range) Ku-band/

    C-band amplifiers:

  • Compact controlled and uncontrolled amplifiers with power from 20 to 30 W;
  • Classic solid-state GaAs amplifiers;
  • GaN amplifiers up to 1000 W.
  • Compact design, high efficiency and reliability of the amplifiers are combined with built-in redundancy and advanced management capabilities that allow you to monitor both individual devices and the reliability of the entire system.

    Ka-band BUC:

  • Compact amplifiers with power from 6 to 40 W;
  • Amplifiers for equipping the central control system with a power of up to 160 W.
  • The most popular models of amplifiers are always available at the RACE Group of Companies warehouse. The company has its own technological site to provide warranty and post-warranty repair of high-frequency equipment.

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