BUC Satellite Amplifiers

Race Communications supplies Ku- and C-band amplifiers-converters (BUCs) manufactured by one of the world leaders in this segment, Alga Microwave. These products have a large range of various frequency sub-bands, transmitter power, and structural variation. The amplifiers are designed to operate as part of central and node satellite communication stations as well as stationary TES and mobile satellite terminals.

    The proposed Ku-band product line includes:

  • Compact uncontrolled amplifiers of the Lite series with power from 8 to 16 W for mobile applications
  • Low-profile amplifiers of the Trekker series with power up to 40 W
  • Classical GaAs solid state amplifiers with power up to 250 W
  • GaN amplifiers with power up to 500 W
  • BUCs are available for standard, extended and lower (plan) Ku-band

    The proposed C-band product line includes:

  • Compact controlled and uncontrolled amplifiers with power from 20 to 30 W
  • Classical GaAs solid state amplifiers with power up to 500 W
  • GaN amplifiers with power up to 1000 W
  • The compact design, high efficiency and reliability of the amplifiers are combined with built-in redundancy and advanced management capabilities that allow you to control both individual devices and the system reliability as a whole.

    Features of Alga Microwave Amplifiers:

  • Built-in redundancy logic instead of a separate external controller
  • Built-in telemetry for critical parameters
  • Web-interface and SNMP monitoring
  • Ethernet/IP, RS-485, RS-232, "dry contact".
  • Details see in the website www.algasat.ru The RACE group of companies is also ready to offer individual BUC models of in-house production to potential customers.

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