Centers for Network Monitoring and Management

Race Communications has the necessary experience and qualifications for construction of Network Monitoring and Management Centers (NMMC). The task of such centers is to increase reliability and uninterrupted operation of the network, minimize risk of losing critical data, and provide continuous communication services of the declared level.

Network monitoring and management centers carry out tasks of round-the-clock monitoring and diagnostics of the network state as well as of network management. Operation of such a center allows you to increase efficiency of tracing network bottlenecks, stability of services, and speed of troubleshooting when emergency situations occur.

A typical network monitoring and management center includes a set of management tools, sound warning and collective displaying, switching, record and storage of information, engineering support, etc. Depending on the network configuration and the tasks facing the organization operating this network, other systems can also be connected to the center.

The NMMC effectiveness is achieved by a clear interaction of individual systems and their integration with each other.

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