Consulting for IT and Telecom

Race Communications offers consulting and auditing services for existing telecommunication and information systems and for communication networks. The audit result is a detailed report on the existing system or network status, options for its optimization and further development.

Since its foundation, Race Communications has focused to solve problems of customers whose business is inconceivable without telecommunications. Telephone communications, data transfer, video conferencing, connection to various service providers, satellite communications, development of network applications, wireless and web technologies, safety and information security systems, and, most importantly, ensuring the stable operation of these complex solutions — it is not a complete list of fields where our company has accumulated rich experience in system integration and has high competence.

Regardless of whether it is a complex project or a single delivery, Race Communications tries to use a system concept to solve any problem. At the initial acquaintance with a customer, system experts study customer needs as well as current and future requirements of customer information systems. Based on this information, tools and solutions are proposed to solve the customer tasks in an optimal way.

In addition to the technical aspects of communication network creation, Race Communications advises and helps the Customer to collect and prepare the necessary approval documents for their submission to supervisory authorities in accordance with the Russian Federation current legislation.

If necessary, specialists from other companies of the RACE group join to the study of the customer tasks and to the proposal development. The customer does not need to take care what company of our group to contact to: the solution is offered "from one source".

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