Creation of Turnkey SCES

The RACE group of companies implements various types of stationary satellite communications earth stations of Ku- and C-bands with antenna diameters from 0.9 to 9.3 meters. The company also creates, maintains and modernizes of central and terminal satellite communications earth stations (CES and TES).

Any satellite communications network includes three main elements: a central earth station (if necessary), a radio relay satellite and subscriber terminals. Race Communications carries out construction of central and node satellite communications earth stations (CES, Hub) as well as subscriber stations (terminal earth stations of satellite communications, TES, SCES, VSAT).

Satellite solutions are primarily needed outside of large cities where there are no reliable and high-speed terrestrial communication links. The SCESs are used to provide satellite communication links, as well as to organize broadband Internet access, data transmission in corporate networks, telephone communication, video conferencing, distance learning, and backup terrestrial communication links. The stations with a large antenna diameter (from 2.4 m or more) are needed mainly to provide satellite trunks as well as to build central stations of satellite communications networks and broadcasting networks.

Ku-and C-band VSAT antennas can be mounted on a building wall as well as on a flat base, i.e. to the ground or to the building roof. In the northern regions of Russia, the option to heat the antenna reflector to install the antenna in the dome for protection against weather conditions is often used.

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