Corporate and Government Data Transmission Networks

Race Communications creates of networks of various levels of complexity: from multilevel geographically distributed networks to local networks of small enterprises. Regardless of the used technologies and equipment, we offer solutions that take into account the requirements for the network under construction and effectively use the already existing technical base and the knowledge of the customer staff.

When creating a corporate or government data transmission network, the system integrator goal is to build a unified, seamless access environment for all applications that provides the desired performance and quality of service, division into segments with different access rights, tolerance to failures, accidents and deliberate attacks. The data transmission networks developed by Race Communications professionals can provide a wide range of services of various levels, including: weak-current and power cable networks, data transmission, telephony, videoconferencing and video broadcasting, access control, security and video surveillance tools, data centers, safety systems, mobile access, data transfer security, etc.

Usage of Satellite Communication Links

Race Communications has high specialization in building satellite networks. Satellite communications technologies are currently actively used both to connect customer network nodes located away from the main "information highways" and to create backup information transmission networks. During the past 5 years, Race Communications has built more than 30 central and node satellite communications stations and over 5,000 small satellite communications earth stations, including in the Far North. When choosing a manufacturer and a technology to build a customer satellite network, the company professionals take into account world experience in operating such networks and current trends in their development. The company actively uses in projects Russian-made equipment of the Eastar company and also actively manufactures and develops its own software and hardware in the field of satellite communications.

For more information see section Connecting to satellite networks.

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