Connection to satellite networks

We connect to satellite networks using the state-of-art satellite communications technologies. We work with tasks of any scale: from one VSAT subscriber to creation of multi-service networks with hundreds of subscriber stations. Full range of works with cost optimization. Stationary equipment: CES and TES, transportable (Drive Away) and portable (Fly Away) VSAT equipment, ship antennas, antennas for communication in motion.

  1. Design of multiservice satellite networks. Choice of network topology ("star", "fully connected" network, individual point-to-point links or their combination), equipment, used satellites. Calculation of the satellite resource required to ensure the necessary quality of service and provision of all services, including: video conferencing, telephony and data transfer, Internet access, working with data bases, etc. Creation of hybrid multi-level systems connecting terrestrial and satellite communication links into a single secure network. Connection to traffic exchange points.
  2. Construction of turnkey satellite systems for corporate customers. Construction of central earth stations for satellite communications (CES), including power supply systems, climate control, fire extinguishing, security and fire alarm systems, and remote control. Deployment of VSATs (satellite terminal earth stations, TES) by trained on-site installation teams at any time of the year. Commissioning, obtaining approvals and permission documentation.
  3. Lease of satellite communication channels using SCPC technology of various speeds and any asymmetry to organize trunk or corporate communication links and to create broadcast networks. Organization of links with guaranteed speed in networks with "star" topology.
  4. Data transmission services via satellite communication networks for corporate customers. VPN services, quality of service (QoS), traffic prioritization, etc.
  5. Satellite Internet services for private users and small businesses: B2C & B2B. Individual installations and collective satellite access to organize communications in small settlements. Depending on a geographical location and customer tasks, VSATs with antenna diameters from 0.7 m to 2.4 m can be used. Services are provided in the satellite coverage area of Express AM7 (40°E), Yamal 401 (90°E), Express AM5 (140°E)).
  6. Satellite communications equipment: VSAT antennas, CES and TES active equipment from the Moscow warehouse, transportable (Drive Away) VSAT antennas, CES equipment. Race Communications also offers SNARK mobile satellite communication systems that allow you to organize access to the satellite network almost anywhere with an average deployment speed of 10-15 minutes as well as ship satellite antennas and antennas for communication in motion to be installed on a car.
Some of these services are provided by telecom operators from the RACE group of companies.
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