Mobile satellite terminals SNARK

The portable satellite communication stations of the SNARK family are FlyAway class terrestrial VSATs (carried in the aircraft luggage) intended for organization of broadband satellite communication in the field conditions, for example, in organization of mobile communication points, natural disaster management, construction of temporary facilities, geological exploration works, drilling of wells, broadcasting of TV reports, etc.

The specifications of the stations allow for high-speed data transmission, including video. The station design and pointing system do not require highly qualified personnel and additional tools.

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  • Made in Russia, in-house development and production of the RACE group of companies
  • "Out-of-the-box" kit with Eastar satellite modem, BUC, LNB, cables – to deploy and operate
  • Deployment in 10 -15 minutes by one person without any additional tools
  • Transportation by any mode of transportation, takes up 1 or 2 pieces of luggage
  • Management and pointing controller, two-stage (fast and accurate) pointing
  • "Push-pull" connectors
  • Dust and moisture protection is not worse than IP65
  • Wind load - up to 15 m/s
  • Versions for standard (–30 ... + 45°C) and extended (–50 ... + 50°C) temperature ranges


  • Weight of the system with an antenna of 1.0 m is from 15 kg, packaging and carrying in a knapsack are possible.
  • Usage of the state-of-art technologies for manufacturing.
  • Assembly and pointing of the SNARK system does not require special training.
  • The system is completely ready to operate in a satellite network, additional equipment is not required.
  • Station parameters allow you to receive and transmit video in professional quality.
  • Completely Russian development, localization of production is more than 90%.

The company has gained extensive experience in operation of the SNARK stations using resource of foreign satellites as well as satellites of national satellite constellations operated by the Russian Satellite Communications Company and Gazprom Space Systems, including in high latitudes, at low elevation angles and in harsh climate. The stations have various options for configuration and transport packaging, they may be adjusted for a customer too.

The SNARK systems are allowed to operate with the satellites "Yamal" and "EXPRESS". The equipment can be provided along with satellite communications services.

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