The Race Communications company is able to provide communication services to corporate and government customers based on its own satellite and optical communication links.

Race Communications technical facilities include nine teleports, VSAT networks and telecommunication hubs. Rental services for satellite communication channels, data, video, voice and broadband Internet access are provided.

Teleports and VSAT Networks

The company uses teleports (satellite hubs) in the Moscow region, in Yakutsk and Khabarovsk. Through the central stations, about 4000 terminal earth stations are connected and consolidated in 8 satellite networks. The teleports are connected by high-speed redundant optical channels with Internet nodes of national providers and central traffic exchange stations.


The Race Communications satellite networks operate based on the LinkStar and Eastar equipment and use resource of geostationary satellites Express-AM5 (140 E), Yamal-401 (90 E), Express-AM7 (40 E), Express-AM8 (14 W), Eutelsat KA-SAT 9A (9 E).

The total coverage area comprises the entire territory of Russia. The company has experience in design and installation of VSATs in high latitudes, including Novaya Zemlya, Franz Josef Land, and the Novosibirsk Islands. To operate in the northern regions of Russia the high reliable equipment is used as well as protective structures (domes).

Coverage area of satellite Express-AM5

Coverage area of satellite Yamal-401

Coverage area of satellite Express-AM7

Service & Support

The company has a 24/7 technical support service. Various technical control and monitoring systems for satellite networks are widely used for technical support provision, including an in-house specialized monitoring, control and traffic management system.

Customers & Partners