3rd Moscow International Symposium “Telemedicine and Problems of Image Transmission".

December 14 - 15, 2000 at the Medical Center The Office of the President of the Russian Federation hosted the 3rd Moscow International Symposium on Telemedicine “Telemedicine and Problems of Image Transmission”. Race Communications presented at the exhibition dedicated to this event a full range of devices and software manufactured by VTEL for organizing video and document conferences, from inexpensive PC systems to high-performance stationary equipment for conference halls and specialized equipment for telemedicine.

Traditionally, as a solution that does not require large financial costs, a number of products developed by VTEL in the format aroused interest expansion boards for PC, providing additional protection of investments. To upgrade them, it is enough to update the software. In the event that a replacement of the hardware component is required, the purchase of the board will be cheaper than buying a new specialized desktop or cabinet system. Video information can be transmitted over ISDN, ATM, Frame Relay and IP networks, including low-speed Internet channels, so it is possible to implement VTEL technologies almost everywhere.

The main feature of VTEL products demonstrated at the exhibition – support for the exchange and joint discussion of electronic documents (data/document sharing) during a videoconference session - aroused keen interest among radiologists, anesthesiologists, intensive care specialists. They were interested in modern solutions offered by the company VTEL for systems for monitoring the progress of the operation, remote monitoring, remote communication of the doctor with the patient.

Race Communications plans to further promote VTEL equipment in the field of practical healthcare, because for Russia, with its vast spaces, the organization of telemedicine consultations is of particular socio-economic importance. Firstly, it becomes possible for residents of remote regions to receive advice from leading specialists of the country. And, secondly, the holding of medical videoconferences will provide a fundamentally new level of interaction of practical healthcare workers with central research and diagnostic centers, will raise the level of qualification of doctors from the regions.

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