Audio conference station SoundPoint Pro.

Audio equipment for conference calls - an effective problem solving tool hands-free, the most affordable way to organize telephone conferences with high sound quality. Polycom's SoundPoint Pro combines the functionality of a handset and headphones with audio conferencing Hands-free in one personal business phone that sounds as awesome as it looks.

The front microphone of SoundPoint Pro is optimized for personal use, if several more partners join the conference , the rear microphone activated by the keyboard will provide 360° coverage of the room. It is also possible to connect additional headphones for high-quality Hands-free applications.

Patented Polycom technology Acoustic Clarity Technology provides full-duplex digital sound with automatic adjustment of microphone sensitivity, level of external noise suppression and echo effect. Instantly adapting to the acoustic characteristics of the conference room, the system provides exceptional sound quality.

The cost of an audio conference station SoundPoint Pro is $350, delivery within 4-6 weeks.

Full description SoundPoint Pro

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