The optiPoint 500 family of digital phones has replaced the<br>Optiset E.

Race Communications begins deliveries of new optiPoint 500 digital phones manufactured by the company Siemens ICN. Since January 1, 2003, orders for phones of the Optiset E series are not accepted, a new family - optiPoint 500 - has been announced as the successor of this line. This series was created on the basis of phones Optiset E, and the design was based on the concept developed for the optiPoint 400 family (the first multiprotocol IP phone in the communications market).

The optiPoint 500 family consists of 8 types of phones and consoles, which are presented in the table. For the convenience of forming orders, the table shows the correspondence of widely used phones of the Optiset E family to phones of the new optiPoint 500 family with an estimated cost. Deliveries are made from the Race Communications warehouse in Moscow or within 6-8 weeks.

Compliance of optiPoint 500 family phones with Optiset E family phones

optiPoint 500 familyOptiset E family





No match


Optiset E Entry WGR

€ 88.88

OptiPoint 500 Entry Arctic

€ 74.68

Optiset E Basic WGR

€ 189.22

OptiPoint 500 Economy Arctic

€ 171.22

Optiset E Standart WGR

€ 319.55

OptiPoint 500 Basic Arctic

€ 252.3

Optiset E Comfort WGR

€ 509.57

OptiPoint 500 Standart Arctic

€ 302.97

Optiset E Conference WGR

€ 642.59

OptiPoint 500 Advance Arctic

€ 404.32

No match


No match


Optiset E Memory WGR

€ 788.27

OptiPoint Key Module Arctic

€ 91.21

Optiset E Key Module WGR

€ 116.68

OptiPoint 500 BLF Arctic

€ 618.21

Attandant BLF

€ 722

Full description of the optiPoint 500 family

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