Cisco Content Transformation Engine - access to web resources using any mobile devices.

Company Cisco Systems introduced a special product Content Transformation Engine (CTE), which can greatly simplify access to web resources using any mobile devices, including a Cisco IP phone, and is designed to improve the efficiency of mobile users.

STE provides access to mobile users regardless of the location of the content, whether it is the public Internet or the corporate network of the organization. Now it is not necessary to be constantly at the workplace to receive operational, often even critical information.

CTE can be used to support the following services:

  • Automation of work in the trade industry. Providing current price lists, information on the status of orders and delivery of goods.
  • Service and support. Providing support information, current tasks and task updates.
  • Production and distribution. Real-time management of employees and resources of the enterprise.
  • Administration. Access to directories, financial information and corporate enterprise networks.
  • Mobile employees. Access to catalogs, calendar plan, important information for hospital employees, transport industry, government and other industries.
  • Mobile e-commerce. Providing customers with the necessary information, for example - product specifications or current orders of goods and travel.

The transformation of the information presentation format is performed by CTE in a transparent mode, after which the requested information is transmitted to a mobile device that has a screen for displaying it and has the ability to view information. The STE automatically recognizes the type of device sending the request and generates the initial requested information in a form acceptable to this device, taking into account its features such as the amount of available memory and the resolution of the display display. SSL protocol is supported to ensure secure and reliable connections.

The bundled design studio CTE system with a user-friendly graphical interface allows users who do not have programming skills to create rules for broadcasting information specific to various mobile devices.

Main Features

One CTE supports up to 1400 simultaneous connections and up to 10000 user sessions . To provide more simultaneous connections and user sessions, you only need just add another CTE.

Supported mobile devices:

  • Cisco IP Phone (XML)
  • Mobile phones (cHTML, HDML and WAP 1.1)
  • Palm devices (HTML)
  • RIM (Research in Motion) devices (HTML)
  • Pocket personal computers (HTML)
  • Desktop computers or laptops (HTML)

Format of pages with source information:

  • Any HTML sources are supported information
  • The maximum size of the source pages is 512 KB
  • Raw XML (flat text) is supported with using XSL (Extensible Style Sheet) conversion
  • For small mobile devices - large documents are divided into several small ones
  • Unsupported formats providing information, such as JavaScript and Macromedia Flash are filtered for devices that do not support local data processing capabilities
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