Dynamic compression of IP traffic using Expand Networks equipment.

Race Communications has received equipment from Expand Networks for testing (www.expand.com ) – Accelerator products.

These are devices connected to the gap between the serial port of the router and the channel-forming equipment from both ends of the channel and performing dynamic compression IP traffic. The devices are easy to install; they automatically detect the protocol used Level 2 (HDLC, LAP-B, PPP) and the presence of a similar device at the remote end. Frame Relay technology and remote management via the SNMP protocol are also supported.

According to the results of testing conducted in the international laboratory of the Tolly Group and other organizations, the devices provide an increase in the effective bandwidth of the communication channel by 100-400% or more, depending on the nature of user traffic (see diagram). According to our estimates, the use of such devices will allow companies to “embroider” bottlenecks and ensure their payback in a period of several months to 1 year.

The devices are already installed in more than 50 companies from the Fortune 500 list, the main consumers are banks, departments, enterprises, ISP/ASP and new telecom operators.

In case of interest, the company Race Communications has the opportunity to transfer this equipment for testing for a period of 3-4 days , followed by the preparation of a report.

Increasing the bandwidth of the T1 communication channel when using Accelerator devices (based on the results of Tolly testing Group).

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