The compact integrated access platform Tainet Mercury 800 is available for order.

Mercury 800 is a continuation of the Tainet mini-DACS product line. This integrating access device has 2 built-in E1 ports, 2 ports for I/O modules with cross-switching at the DS0 level and an integrated router. Combining versatility and reasonable cost, Mercury 800 is ideal for terminating threads on small communication nodes. The possibility of using an optical module and a backup link determine the flexibility of the Mercury 800 platform.

Configuration and diagnostics of Mercury 800 is carried out via the control port from the VT-100 terminal or via the Ethernet port. The built-in SNMP agent allows you to manage Mercury 800 using the TAINET EMS control system (Element Management System) running under Microsoft Windows OS.

Mercury 800 supports various synchronization modes to provide flexible configuration when used in complex data networks. The synchronization backup mode protects the system and automatically switches synchronization from the main source to the secondary one in case of an accident of the main one.

The cost of the Mercury 800 hub is $1,250, delivery within four weeks.

Full description of Mercury 800

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