New Axis 2460 video servers are available to order.

In the product line of Axis, one of the world leaders in the production of Web equipment, a new Axis 2460 Network DVR video server with the ability to register video events on the built-in hard disk has been announced.

Axis 2460 allows you to locally record video from four analog video cameras and remotely view recorded information from anywhere in the world via an IP network. The device can use up to 4 IDE Hard Disk with a capacity of 40 Gb each, which provides up to 253 days of continuous recording using maximum compression. When recording events only when the built-in motion detector is triggered, this indicator can be significantly increased. Axis 2460 connects to the network either via Ethernet or via a V.34/V.90 modem.

The cost of the Axis 2460 depends on the configuration and is $1895 for a basic device without built-in hard drives and $2990/$3990 for built-in 80Gb/160Gb of internal memory.

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