Taimyr Expedition with SNARK terminal and StarBlazer satellite internet

For many years, the RACE Group of companies together with the Starblizer satellite operator have been supporting high-latitude road expeditions, providing equipment and communication services. This year, the team of Denis Zabelin, who made the Novy Urengoy – Dixon – Anabar River crossing by car last year, went to Cape Chelyuskin (78 degrees north latitude).

The expedition started from Moscow on February 22, 2021, and on March 22 reached the northernmost point of Eurasia – Cape Chelyuskin on the Taimyr Peninsula! To work in high latitudes, we have provided a mobile kit SNARK-120P with BUC16 V. The station communicated with the northernmost point at coordinates 77.7229 gr. s. w. and 104.2573 gr. w. d. with levels 14.1/8.0 for reception and transmission. Now the expedition is returning, currently located in the area of Lake Taimyr.

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