Changing the parameters of access to Internet services for Race Telecom subscribers.

To the attention of Subscribers of the Internet CJSC “Race Telecom"!Due to the increase in the number of Subscribers and in order to improve the quality of Internet services, Race Telecom has carried out measures for the comprehensive re-equipment of the hardware and software of the service access node

The Internet. Currently, the work is mostly completed.

For Subscribers, this is due to a slight change in the parameters of access to services, which will require reconfiguration of client programs in accordance with the information below (Registration card). The required parameters for authorization are highlighted in color.To connect to

Internet (PPP protocol) the new parameters are already in effect.Transition to a new authorization procedure for e-mail (protocol

POP3) will occur from May 31 to June 1 this year.From June 1, access to services with the old parameters will be impossible!

We kindly ask you to archive your personal WWW pages in order to avoid accidental loss of information in the process of data transfer.


Internet subscriber registration card
(DIALUP connection type is IP)Parameters for accessing

The Internet:Phones for connection
786-26-40; 929-92-24Subscriber Name (Username) for the PPP protocol
username@rcnet.ruPassword (Password)
*******For Internet Mail and News programs (set
Microsoft Internet Explorer v.3.0-3.03, Outlook Express, Outlook 98):
SMTP server (sending mail) smtp.rcnet.ruPOP3 server (receiving mail)
pop.rcnet.ruMail access parameters by
POP3 protocol:E-mail address
username@rcnet.ruAccount (account name)
username@rcnet.ruPassword (Password)
******* Personal WWW Page Access Parameters:
Parameters of access to the personal directory via FTP:
Subscriber Name (Username) for the FTP protocol
username@rcnet.ruPassword (Password)
*******Example of Windows setup

upload a drawing

Example of making changes for the program

 Outlook Express

In the menu: tools -> accounts
upload a drawing 

Select a bookmark: mail -> highlight: -> click: properties -> Select the tab: servers
Then specify according to the document:
Smtp, Pop, Login 
upload a drawing 

We apologize for the temporary inconvenience.
Administration of CJSC “Race Telecom”

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