Long Reach Ethernet - synchronous transmission of traffic over a distance of up to 1.5 km.

Cisco's VDSL-based solution, LRE (Long-Reach Ethernet), is the industry's first comprehensive product line that provides synchronous transmission of Ethernet traffic at speeds from 5 to 15 Mbit/s over existing 1/2/3 category cables over a distance of 1.5 km.

LRE provides opportunities for simultaneous transmission of speech, video and data in applications such as high-speed Internet access. Internet, video streaming and IP telephony.

Cisco LRE is a super-cost-effective, easy-to-install and operate solution that service providers can use to organize access in multi-building buildings (hotels, residential neighborhoods and office buildings with many tenants), campuses, cottage-type settlements.

Long Reach Ethernet

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