DIVA ADSL modems are compatible with DSLAM multiplexers of the world's leading manufacturers.

A new family of products for high-speed data transmission over a copper pair - DIVA ADSL - produced by Eicon Networks combines the company's rich experience in developing user-friendly subscriber devices and modern Full Rate and G technologies.Lite ADSL. Thanks to this, a data transfer rate of 7.5 Mbit/s is achieved in the direction from the provider to the consumer while simultaneously using the line to talk on a conventional analog phone.

Compliance with standards and unique Connect and Surf technology that automates the process of configuring the device when it is connected to the line ADSL, allows you to use DIVA ADSL equipment with DSLAM-multiplexers of the world's leading manufacturers.

This family is represented by four devices:DIVA ADSL USB

  • DIVA 2430 ADSL
  • DIVA 2430 SE ADSL
  • DIVA 2440 ADSL Router
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