An updated price list for Eicon Networks equipment is available on the Race website.

On the Race Communications website ( ) an updated price list for Eicon Networks equipment has been published. We pay attention Please note that the following changes are important for Russia and the CIS countries:

  • The line has been significantly updated universal digital server boards DIVA ISDN server intended for processing on PC voice and fax servers connections, data streams.
  • The DIVA Server family has a DIVA board Server 2FX, which allows you to organize an inexpensive ISDN switch based on a PC or PC server.
  • In connection with the termination of production removed from the price list of the C20, C30, S92 and P92 boards. This solution allows you to concentrate on releasing more universal (C21, C31) and productive (S94) boards, reducing the nomenclature and increasing production efficiency.

Eicon Networks equipment is delivered from the Race Communications warehouse in Moscow or within 4-6 weeks.

Price list for Eicon Networks equipment

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