The commercial operation of the service "Mobile employees" in the North-Western District has begun.

Since April 12, 2007, the MTS network of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region has started commercial operation of the service for corporate clients "Mobile Employees". The service allows you to coordinate the actions of a team of employees whose activities are related to movements, track the location of transport and cargo on an electronic map.

The developer of the service was Race Communications, which in recent years has been rightfully considered the strongest Russian system integrator of location services for corporate clients and individuals.

"This is the first experience of the introduction by mobile operators in the North-Western region of corporate LBS services based on determining the location of the subscriber. We expect that the new service will become popular among companies engaged in cargo transportation and delivery. "Mobile employees" is an inexpensive but effective tool for optimizing transport logistics," said Ruslan Gurdjian, Marketing Director of MTS OJSC macro-region "North-West".

More detailed information about the "Mobile Employees" service and connection conditions can be obtained by calling the MTS Key Customer Service Center +7 (812) 703-93-93 or on the website ..

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Press release: The commercial operation of the Mobile Employees service in the North-Western District has begun.