The recruitment of students to the distance learning group for the CCNP course of the Cisco MIU Network Academy begins.

Recruitment to the Cisco Network Academy Group begins International Engineering University for distance learning on the CCNP course. The CCNP course is designed for specialists with CCNA status who want to deepen their professional knowledge by studying the problems of inter-network interaction in more detail.

In the distance learning mode , students have the opportunity to:

  • To study theoretical materials obtained via the Internet Cisco Systems Networking Academy in English, which as mastering opens the listener to a personal instructor
  • Perform part of laboratory work in terminal access mode to telecommunication equipment
  • Ask questions about the course being studied and send reports on completed works to the instructor by e-mail
  • Receive by e-mail from the instructor consultations and credits for the sent works

Upon completion of the study of theoretical and part of the practical material of one or two semesters , students come to Moscow for 5-10 days, to the Race Communications training center, to perform the second part of laboratory work on Cisco telecommunications equipment and pass final exams for each semester.

Qualification exams for obtaining an international CCNP certificate Cisco Systems trainees take in independent testing centers of Thomson Prometric upon completion of training. Graduates who have successfully passed the exams, Cisco Systems company sends a personal card with an identification number (ID) and a personal certificate confirming the qualification for the next three years. Data about the specialist and his IN are entered into the world database of network specialists.

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