Our exposition on Internetcom'2000.

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We are glad to welcome you at Internetcom '2000. Race Communications company presents technologies at its stand that will help to increase the efficiency of telecommunications in the XXI century, allow the introduction of new functions and applications, provide additional savings and profit.

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) technologiesThe technology of high—speed access over a telephone cable with a twisted pair based on a digital subscriber line multiplexer (DSLAM - DSL Access Multiplexor) is shown by the example of a video transmission system over DSL.
The task of video transmission most fully reveals the capabilities of DSLAM equipment: data transmission at a speed of 2 Mbit/s and higher, prioritization of traffic for various applications, effective management of available channel bandwidth, interfacing with ATM and SDH backbone networks based on fiber.

The use of subscriber access systems based on DSLAM allows you to significantly increase the data flow sent to end users, which gives business users the opportunity to introduce new applications (online graphic design, video conferencing, etc.), and providers - to offer new services (video on demand, interactive news, etc.)

Solutions for the organization of a new generation network using IP phonesIP telephony is developing rapidly and today it is taking the usual forms of office telephones.
While retaining the advantages of multiservice routers, IP phones also provide communication inside the office using cable wiring Ethernet. These devices have a look familiar to subscribers, and at the same time provide parameter settings both centrally by the network administrator and from the user's workplace.

The use of IP phones and multiservice routers together with call processing software (Call Manager) significantly expands the functionality of the telephone network, increases its reliability and scalability.

Videoconferencing systemsVideoconferencing systems (videoconferencing) significantly expand the capabilities of existing telecommunications infrastructures by adding visual information exchange technology to the means of data and voice transmission .
VKS systems are one of the most powerful means of increasing the efficiency of business contacts with a significant distance of partners from each other, which has led to their widespread use.

Wireless network equipmentModern means of wireless access to IP networks are used to organize communication in the area where the laying
cable is impossible or economically unjustified. Special packet switching solutions provide high-speed access to the corporate network, Internet and Intranet.

Wireless subscriber access systems WLLAdditional functions for wireless access systems are provided by IP telephony support.
The nature of the radio requires the implementation of special prioritization algorithms for high-quality telephony transmission. This task has been successfully solved by leading manufacturers of radio access devices.

Modern equipment provides high-quality telephony and high-speed Internet access based on wireless packet switching and voice over IP technology. The scalable distributed architecture allows you to create competitive systems to support from several dozen to 4,000 users at a distance of up to 10 km.

Web designTechnologies
The Internet has entered our lives even more rapidly than television once did. A modern corporate website is not so much a work of design art as a tool for work. A tool for collaboration of company employees, working with partners and customers. Today, Race Communications provides a full range of services in this area at quite competitive prices: design and development of corporate websites, communication with the company's internal software and databases, application hosting, online periodicals, intranet systems, e-commerce systems.

Other solutions and services offered by our company are also presented at the Race Communications stand :

  • integrated telecommunications design, including networks, power subsystems, fire alarm, security, access control, engineering support;
  • office and corporate telephony complexes on based on analog systems, ISDN, IP, voice communication systems mail and call processing;
  • personal computers, servers, clusters, workstations based on Intel, RISC processors, Windows, UNIX operating systems;
  • virtual private networks, networks with high the degree of security and fault tolerance;
  • telecommunication network management platforms and tools;
  • mock-up in the Race Communications laboratory and pilot testing of the proposed solutions on customer's networks;
  • training of the customer's specialists in Russian at the Authorized Race Communication Training Center or on the customer's territory, according to standard or individual programs.

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