A new model of the RSP16 processor module for Cisco 7500 series routers.

Company Cisco Systems has released a new RSP16 CPU module for Cisco 7500 series backbone routers, which has improved performance and increased RAM.

Compared to the previously developed RSP8 and RSP4+ models, the performance of the new module performing routing and high-speed switching tasks increased by 20 and 55 percent, respectively. In the minimum configuration, 128MB of RAM is installed on the RSP16, and the maximum supported volume is 1GB, which allows you to significantly increase the number of supported routing tables.

Below are the comparative characteristics of three models of processor modules (Route Switch Processor) designed for Cisco 7500 series routers.




Performance in Optimal Switching mode,

thousands of packets per second




Batch Memory (SRAM)

8 MB

8 MB

2 MB

Dynamic Memory (DRAM)

128 MB*
256 MB
512 MB
1 GB**

64 MB*
128 MB
256 MB

64 MB*
128 MB
256 MB

Boot Flash

16 MB

16 MB

8 MB

Supported Flash Disk

48 MB* 128 MB

48 MB 128 MB


Supported PCMCIA Flash Cards


20 MB*
32 MB

16 MB*
20 MB
32 MB

* - Installed by default in the minimum configuration.
** - Will be available in the future

The new Route Switch Processor RSP16 is compatible with all interface adapters and multi-purpose interface processors (VIP) used in this series of routers, including the model VIP6-80.

A rich set of functions inherent in Cisco 7500 series backbone routers is supported to ensure rapid recovery of system operability in case of possible network failures. The central processor module RSP16 is characterized by increased fault tolerance, among the main features are the following:

  • redundancy of the processor module,
  • reloading the line card, regardless from other cards and the chassis as a whole,
  • quick software version update procedure Cisco IOS (Fast Software Upgrade),
    and others .

The RSP16 processor module is already available to order, both as part of new systems and as a replacement for the program Trade-In for 7500 series routers equipped with previous RSP8 or PSR4+ models.

The cost of the RSP16 module according to the price list The Global Price List (GPL) is $18,000. Supply it is carried out from a warehouse in Moscow, or within 4-6 weeks.

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