A new series of Cisco 3700 routers.

The latest series of modular Cisco 3700 routers is represented by two models: Cisco 3725 and Cisco 3745. The Cisco 3725 and Cisco 3745 multifunction access routers support network modules and interface cards used in the well-known Cisco 2600/3600 and 1600/1700 router families. Both models have 2 fixed interfaces 10/100 Fast Ethernet, console port, AUX port, 3 slots for WIC interface cards, and slots for network modules. Such a large number of slots allows you to achieve a high density of ports.

Modularity provides investment protection and provides the ability to reconfigure the router depending on the necessary needs, allows you to build flexible and functional multiservice networks.

The younger Cisco 3725 model has 1 internal expansion slot for AIM service modules and 2 expansion slots for NM network modules, one of which can be equipped with a double -width network module. The RISC architecture CPU operates at a clock frequency of 240 MHz.

The older Cisco 3745 model has a more productive central RISC processor running at a clock frequency of 350 Mhz, 2 internal expansion slots for installing AIM service modules and 4 expansion slots for NM network modules. Structurally, the NM slots are arranged in such a way that when installing a double-width network module , 2 expansion slots are simultaneously engaged, therefore, the installation is supported up to two such modules at the same time. In addition , the Cisco 3745 router can be equipped with a backup power supply and supports hot-swapping of network modules and power supplies.

The basic configurations of the Cisco 3725 and Cisco 3745 routers are supplied with pre-installed SDRAM (DIMM) memory. 128 MB, expandable to 256 MB and Flash (Compact Flash) memory of 32 MB. To increase the volume Flash memory can be used 64 MB and 128 MB Compact Flash modules.

Main Features of 3700 Series routers:

  • high performance

  • support for network modules double width (currently available 1 such module - 36 switched ports 10/100 Fast Ethernet with auto-speed detection, supporting virtual local VLAN networks and inline power technology)

  • WIC slots provide efficiency of configurations with low port density

  • large amount of SDRAM and Flash memory, coming in the basic configuration

  • no support is expected outdated network modules and interface cards (network modules with 10 Mbit/s Ethernet ports, WIC-1T, NM-4T)

  • Support for inline power technology on 16 and 36 10/100 Fast Ethernet port switched network modules by connecting to the block installed in the router power supply of a special internal module power supply at - 48 V

The table shows the main characteristics of the 3700 series routers in comparison with other models manufactured by Cisco Systems.


Cisco 3725Cisco 3660

Cisco 3745

Cisco 7200*


240 MHz

225 Mhz

350 MHz

250-350 Mhz

Fast switching, kpps





Process switching, kpps





DRAM standard./max., Mb




128/256 - 512

Flash stand./max., Mb





Power supply


AC or DC

AC or DC

AC or DC

Height, RU





* - models with NPE-225/NPE-400

Cisco 3725, Cisco 3745 Routers will be officially presented in early May 2002. At the same time, the first deliveries will begin.

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