The new Cisco 585 subscriber access device is LRE.

Race Communications begins deliveries of a new Cisco 585-LRE access device installed on the subscriber's side and running on Cisco Long-Reach Ethernet (LRE) technology. Cisco LRE technology allows you to transmit data at speeds from 5 to 15 Mbit/s over existing cables of category 1/2/3 at a distance of up to 1500 meters. The LRE solution consists of two parts - an LRE hub built on the basis of a Cisco Catalyst switch and small CPE (Customer-premises Equipment) devices installed on the subscriber side.

The Cisco 585-LRE subscriber device is fully compatible with LRE hubs Cisco 2924-LRE-XL and Cisco 2912-LRE-XL. On the back of the Cisco 585-LRE there are 4 Fast Ethernet ports for connecting user devices and 2 RJ-11 connectors, which are designed to connect an LRE channel (Wall) and a telephone (Phone). Changing the set parameters of Fast Ethernet ports is not supported, the speed of Fast Ethernet ports is determined automatically by 10/100, and the operating mode is only half-duplex.

A distinctive feature of Cisco 585-LRE is the support of QoS quality of service mechanisms required for simultaneous transmission of normal data and latency-critical traffic. Sources of such types of traffic there may be personal computers, computer consoles, IP phones, wireless access points, etc. network devices. To provide the necessary quality of service, Cisco 585-LRE supports 802.1p QoS with two priority queues, which allows you to prioritize voice and video traffic relative to normal user data.

The cost of a new device by Cisco Global Price List is $235, with the purchase of more devices , sets of 6 and 24 pieces are available. Delivery from the warehouse Race in Moscow or within 4-6 weeks.

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