Laboratory news: Configuration of the MARS-9000 hub for connecting users via IDSL.

One of the inexpensive and interesting solutions for today is the use of the Tainet MARS 9000 and Mercury 3600 hubs to connect remote users via IDSL. This technology can significantly reduce costs and allows you to connect 5-6 km over existing copper lines to network and telephone service providers at a speed of 64-128 kbit/s. An additional advantage may be the absence of a modem on the user's side (a router with an ISDN-U interface is sufficient).

When building such a communication node, the cost of 1 BRI ISDN port will be $340 and $420 for MARS 9000 and Mercury 3600 respectively.

To test the operability of this solution in the Race Communications laboratory the hub was tested Tainet MARS 9000.

Test bench diagram

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