New Axis 2110 and Axis Panorama PTZ network video cameras.

The new Axis 2110 video camera provides video streaming on the Internet/intranet and uses Motion-JPEG compression. Unlike the younger models, Axis 2110 is equipped with a lens with manual aperture and transfocation, as well as the function of adapting the number of frames per second to light conditions. Axis 2110 can be used for various tasks: from advertising demonstration of office premises on the website (Web-attraction) to a digital video surveillance system. The network camera works in mixed environments (Windows, UNIX, Macintosh, OS/2), easily integrates into other Web applications and computer graphics interface scripts.

The new Axis Panorama PTZ is an easy-to-install PTZ camera that emulates a positioner using the built-in Web server. Physically, these are two Axis 2110 network video cameras mounted on the same axis at an angle of 180°, providing a panoramic controlled angle of view of 140° horizontally and 65° vertically. Axis Panorama PTZ provides high-quality video image up to 15 frames per second and guaranteed overlap of the working areas of each of the cameras without “dead zones" when panning. Additionally, Axis Panorama PTZ introduced the function of “capturing” slides with the ability to quickly save and transfer JPEG images at the click of a button.

The cost of video cameras: Axis 2110 - $679, Axis Panorama PTZ - $2260, delivery from the Race Communications warehouse in Moscow or within 4-6 weeks.

Description of Axis 2110Description of Axis Panorama PTZ

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