Introducing new models of attack detection systems from Cisco Systems.

Cisco Systems has added a series of IDS (Intrusion Detection System) attack detection systems with new models with increased performance and improved management and monitoring capabilities.

The new Cisco IDS 4235 and IDS 4250 models belong to network-level attack detection systems and have Gigabit ports with support for virtual local area networks (VLANs), which allows using these systems in any segment of a corporate or operator network. If the system detects an attack or a situation similar to an attack, it can take independent actions or notify the management system so that the appropriate actions can be taken by the network administrator.

Cisco IDS 4235 Attack Detection System allows you to inspect traffic at speeds up to 200 Mbit/s*. and comes with one 10/100/1000 BaseT port for connecting to a switched network. This model is designed for medium -load networks and is connected to either several 100-megabit virtual local area networks, or to partially loaded gigabit channels.

The IDS 4250 model has the highest performance of 500 Mbit/s* and can be used to protect high-load switched networks and process aggregated traffic of several networks. IDS 4250 comes in two versions, differing in the type of gigabit port - 10/100/1000 BaseT or 1000Base-SX.

The equipment is available to order, the cost is shown in the table:

Cisco IDS-4235-K9

4235 Sensor(chassis, s/w, SSH,
10/100/1000BaseT w/ RJ-45)

$ 12,500

Cisco IDS-4250-TX-K9

4250 Sensor (chassis, s/w, SSH,
10/100/1000BaseT w/ RJ-45)

$ 25,000

Cisco IDS-4250-SX-K9

4250 Sensor (chassis, s/w, SSH,
1000BaseSX w/ SC connector)

$ 27,000

* Traffic processing speed values obtained under the following conditions:

  • for the IDS 4235 model - 2200 new TCP connections in 1 second, 2200 HTTP transactions in 1 second, the average packet size is 438 bytes
  • for the IDS 4250 model - 2700 new TCP connections in 1 second, 2700 HTTP transactions in 1 second, the average packet size is 456 bytes
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