Introducing the video conferencing system ViewStation VS4000.

Polycom's ViewStation VS4000 provides the highest quality video signal at a frame rate of 30 frames/sec, at transmission speeds of 512 kbit/s and higher. The built-in MCU allows you to organize video conferences from 4 participants at a speed of 384 kbit/s or from 3 participants at a speed of 512 kbit/s, with the provision of the function Continuous Presence, without an additional video server.

The VS4000 codec is a 19-inch rack-mounted version of the ViewStation FX system without its own video camera. Having similar functionality and technical characteristics to ViewStation FX, it has the ability to connect several controlled video cameras, a document camera, a video recorder, monitors, information transmission devices and microphones.

The VS4000 codec is ideal for embedded solutions in boardrooms equipped with collective display facilities.

The cost of the ViewStation VS4000 is $17616, delivery within 4-6 weeks.

Full description ViewStation VS4000

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