Press release: "Locator" is a new MTS service aimed at small and medium-sized businesses.

Mobile TeleSystems OJSC and Race Communications company announce the launch of the Locator service, designed to determine the location and coordinate employees and transport of small and medium-sized businesses. "Locator" is the first swallow among the services of the "My Business" section within the MTS-Search portal.

The "My Business" section of the MTS portal-Search ( ) is focused primarily on owners of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as corporate clients of MTS. The Locator service will allow you to organize clear and fast interaction between the company's employees, ensure their safety, and provide feedback for management. On the interactive map of the city, the system will show where a particular car is located when the courier got to the partners' office, where the goods or cargo were delivered. The same information is duplicated to a mobile phone or email.

The service provider of the Locator service was Race Communications, which in recent years has been rightfully considered the strongest Russian system integrator of location services for corporate clients and individuals. According to Race Communications experts, over the past year, both the number of users and the quality of the use of location services have increased. The average number of monthly requests per user is constantly increasing, users "get into the taste", accept this type of services, begin to work actively with them.

"A few years ago, in order to use such a service, we had to spend tens of thousands of dollars," Leonid Lopatin, CEO of Race Communications, recalls the situation. - Today, in order to use the "Locator" and get the full range of functionality, it is enough to have the most ordinary mobile phone – the "equipment" that everyone has, plus a few dollars a month to repay requests. The average accuracy of location determination (about 300 meters in the city) is quite enough to implement most of the tasks of both individuals and business users."

The service provides the ability to create groups of subscribers (for example, "couriers", "sales representatives", "family"), place your own objects on the map (offices, warehouses, offices of partners and customers), send SMS to groups of subscribers and, conversely, receive information from them with reference to time and location – which it will be displayed immediately on the electronic map. The user of the "Locator" can significantly save his time by setting the mode for determining the location of subscribers at a certain interval or according to a schedule: for example, once an hour from 9:00 to 18:00 on weekdays. All collected information is stored in the database and is available on the service's website for further analysis – based on the results of the day, week, month. In the near future, subscribers of the Locator service will have access to information on traffic jams – and will be able to plan the route of transport to reduce the time of cargo delivery.

Despite the variety of possibilities, even an unprepared user can use the service – the developers of the Locator paid special attention to the simplicity of the user interface, and most of the functions are accessed from a regular cell phone by sending SMS to the short number 6630. "Our users include not only large corporate clients with their own dispatch service and IT department, but also owners of small private enterprises who are just discovering the possibilities of mobile positioning. The locator is used by their family members, so the service simply has no right to be complicated," says Mikhail Khazhinsky, Director of the Race Communications Application Systems Department.

More information about the Locator service can be found in the "My Business" section on the MTS-Search website.For more information, please contact:

Mikhail Khazhinsky, Head of the Department (Race Communications)
Nikita Yemets, Head of Marketing and Advertising Department (Race Communications)
Tel.: +7 095 785 0770 ,

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