Press release: Race Communications uses the AVIDIA system in its projects.

Race Communications, one of the leading Russian
system integrators, announces the beginning of May
2000. deliveries of the AVIDIA system to the Russian market
by PairGain Technologies, the world's largest
manufacturer of xDSL equipment.

AVIDIA equipment has been in operation for more than a year in
USA and a number of European providers. Now these
products are available for order through partners
PairGain who have undergone special training and
received authorization. Race Communications was
authorized in 1999 by the first of the Russian
companies, having demonstrated a high level
of knowledge and considerable experience in working with
xDSL, ATM, IP technologies.

Since May 2000, domestic providers and
corporations can use AVIDIA systems to
build subscriber access networks and
campus (campus-scale)
networks with different numbers of users and
based on ADSL (Asymmetric DSL) and SDSL (Single Pair DSL) technologies.
The AVIDIA 3000 and 8000 chassis are equipped with a high-speed
ATM switching bus (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) and have
respectively 5 and 21 connectors for installing
interface and channel boards.

Subscribers are connected
using 12-port ADSL channel cards and 24-port
SDSL channel cards. The
backbone connection cards implement various variants
of the ATM OC-3c/STM1 interface. The board is used for control
Ethernet 10/100BaseT.

Subscriber equipment is represented by well
-proven Megabit Modem 300S devices,
implementing SDSL technology (their deliveries began
at the end of 1999), and a whole set of new ADSL devices.
These are PCI bus cards (Skyrocket MM-100L/F), modems for
USB port (Skyrocket MM-200L/F), modem for Ethernet port 10/100BaseT
(MM-500L), bridges for 10/100BaseT Ethernet port (MM-600F, MM-700F). The price
of subscriber equipment ranges from $250 to
$1500 depending on the supported

The AVIDIA system is managed on the basis
of the SNMP protocol using the StarGazer graphics software.
Various versions of StarGazer run under
Solaris OS and Windows NT; this software can be installed
offline on a workstation or on top
of the HP OpenView platform. In the latter case
, integration with network management
software from other manufacturers is provided, for example, CiscoWorks, Bay Optivity,
Motorola 9000-OMS, etc.

Using the AVIDIA system and StarGazer
software, Race Communications specialists can create completely
SNMP-managed high-speed
subscriber access solutions costing less than $1,280 per
ADSL port with the possibility of simultaneous transmission
of telephone traffic and less than $620 per SDSL port.

Race Communications specializes in system
integration in the field of corporate and
telecommunication systems. The company
offers solutions based on products and
technologies of the world's leading manufacturers
of network and computer equipment and
software: Motorola ING, PairGain, Cisco, Compaq, VTEL, Hewlett-Packard,
Lucent, Siemens, RAD Data, MultiTech, Eicon, Elteco, APC, Novell, Citrix, Patton
Electronics, etc. For more information about
Race Communications, please call (495)
785-0770, 916-RACE (916-7223), on the Web server or by
email .

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