Press release: Race Communications is the best partner of Motorola ISG in Central and Eastern Europe.

On May 12-14, 1997 in Vilamora (Portugal) was held
    the next conference of the division's partners
    Information Systems (ISG) of Motorola in
the region “Europe, Middle East, Africa" (EMEA)

The current conference is noticeably
    it differed from the previous ones, since it not
only summed up the results of work in 1997 and
talked about new products (already in
mass production and scheduled for release in
    1998), but the “new Motorola" was also introduced
    ISG/EMEA”.Since September 1997, when the post of manager
    The MISG/EMEA director was taken over by Paul Beaumont, the structure of this
    the organization has changed significantly. New
    the director increased the number of sub-regions to six in order
to take into account the features as much as possible
    local telecommunications markets, simultaneously
    by reducing the number of hierarchy levels, because
    the “flat” structure accelerates the reaction
of the manufacturer to the requests of distributors.
    It is also important that with the arrival of Paul Beaumont
    the feedback between the European
office of Motorola and laboratories and factories of this company has improved
    companies in the USA and Canada. In particular, the last
    ONS version, network operating system
    Motorola products, supports a number of
    alarm protocols adopted in Europe,
    for example, Q.SIG.

Russian firms give a significant impetus to the positive
dynamics of Motorola's business.
Race Communications company, integrator in the field of
    telecommunications and corporate systems, became the best distributor of Motorola
    ISG in the Central and Eastern Europe region by
    following the results of 1997 , Paul Beaumont handed over to the manager
    to the director of Race Communications Leonid Lopatin memorable
    the board, thus noting the success of the company.
    “Constant attention to customers, deep
knowledge of advanced network technologies, close
cooperation with Motorola ISG, active marketing
    politics in the market brought Race a well-deserved
    fame not only in Russia, but also in Europe,”
Mr. Beaumont said in his congratulatory speech.


A real sensation at the conference
was created by Race Communications educational and
    marketing videos by
    telecommunications technologies performed by
    by means of three-dimensional computer animation.
    The films are accessible and tell in detail about
the capabilities of the Motorola equipment offered by Race
    Communications products and services and, especially
    it is important to show examples of business applications and
the most advantageous solutions for various
    branches of business and production.


“The initiative with which Race Communications
    promotes modern technologies
    global networks are simply unprecedented,”
said Mark Gee, MISG/EMEA Director of Marketing and
    development of distribution channels.


Other evidence of high
    professionalism of Race Communications specialists —
assignment to the Russian system integrator in
    at the beginning of 1998, the status of an official beta tester
    Motorola (Official Beta-Test Site). Suffice it to say that
outside of North America, such a status has
    only two companies — in the UK and now
    in Russia.


“The participation of our engineers in testing
new Motorola products guarantees that Russian
users will receive network devices,
    fully meeting the requirements of domestic
    communication standards,” Dmitry Orlov believes,
    Technical Director of Race Communications. Leonid Lopatin
    he also noted that the company's customers use
the most qualified service, and direct
    communication with developers in the USA and Canada allows
you to solve even
    exotic problems that arise in networks with
complex configuration.


An additional competitive
advantage of the company is the presence of its own
    a training center certified, in
particular, by Motorola University.


Recently the product line,
    offered by Race Communications, replenished
    powerful multifunctional access devices
    Vanguard 6430/6450, capable of transmitting over the global
    networks multiprotocol traffic (IP, IPX, X.25, Frame Relay, SNA
    etc.) and multimedia data (telephone
    conversations, facsimile documents, traffic
    videoconferencing and security surveillance systems).
    In early summer, a service center will open in Izhevsk
    MISG. All this, as well as increased marketing
    Motorola's activity in the domestic market
    allows Race Communications with confidence
    predict the success of further
    cooperation between two companies.

Race Communications specializes in
    system integration in the field of corporate and
telecommunication systems. Company
    offers solutions based on products and
technologies of the world's leading manufacturers
    network and computer equipment and software
    Software: Motorola ING, PairGain, Cisco, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, RAD Data,
    MultiTech, Eicon, APC, Novell, Citrix, Patton Electronics, etc. More
    For more information about Race Communications, please
    to find out by phone (495) 785-0770, on the Web server or by email .

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