Press release: Race Communications begins deliveries to Barsoom.

Race Communications, a Russian system integrator, and Reksoft, one of the largest Russian software developers for billing and e-commerce, have entered into a partnership agreement for the supply of software Barsum, designed for charging telephone traffic in digital PBX of various manufacturers.

Barsum billing systems are available in three versions:

  • Barsum Office is used for internal accounting of phone calls and control of communication costs in small companies using an office PBX.

  • Barsum Pro is designed for the control and structuring of corporate communication costs, and is also used as part of the PMS (Property Management System - System automation of the enterprise) in hotels and business centers.

  • Barsum Operator performs automation of the main business processes for settlements with customers and partners for telecom operators.

The Barsum system is distinguished by the support of Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, the use of MS SQL Server as an embedded database, a multithreaded internal architecture that provides higher performance and stability. Barsum software provides high scalability both in terms of the number of subscribers (from 10 to 10,000 or more) and in terms of the number of PBX (from one office to dozens of departmental ones).

For ease of interaction with other corporate applications Barsum supports the export/import of data from other standard formats (Word, Excel, TXT, RTF and others), and also provides confidentiality based on the differentiation of access rights to the system. In addition , the built-in statistical processing allows you to quickly create structured reports, time graphs, pie charts, etc.

“When choosing a tariffier, we took into account that Barsum software is a universal product and supports interaction with most types of PBX," Leonid noted Lopatin, Managing Director of Race Communications. ” The agreement with Reksoft will allow us to provide customers with a more complete package of services, including expanding cooperation through software products for the hotel business."

Reksoft company was founded in 1991 in St. Petersburg. The main activities of Reksoft are the development and system integration of software products and solutions; consulting in the field of information technology, telecommunications and e -commerce; implementation of customer and supplier relationship management systems (CRM, SRM, SCM). For more information about Reksoft, please call (812) 325-2100, on the Web server or by email .

Race Communications, a Russian system integrator, offers laboratory-tested solutions from leading telecommunications equipment suppliers. The company carries out a full cycle of work: design, delivery, installation, as well as training of specialists and project support. More detailed information about Race Communications can be obtained by calling (495) 785-0770, 916-7223, on the Web server or by email .

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