Press release: Race Communications begins the supply of 3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 4200 switches.

Race Communications, a Russian system integrator, announces the start of deliveries of new switches of the SuperStack 3 family from 3Com, the world's leading manufacturer of telecommunications equipment. 4200 switches allow you to build high-performance reliable Ethernet LAN with a low cost per port.

The SuperStack 3 family has been supplemented with two new models; the older of them, the 4250T, is equipped with 48 10/100 BaseT/TX ports and two 10/100/1000 BaseT/TX Ethernet ports, the device's performance reaches 10.1 million packets per second. The second switch, the 4226T, offers 24 10/100 BaseT/TX ports for connecting PCs and workgroups, as well as two 10/100/1000 BaseT/TX Ethernet ports for connecting to the backbone and servers. The 4226T model is capable of transmitting up to 6.6 million packets per second.

The 4200 switches are combined into a stack of up to 4 devices, such a stack is functionally a single switch. Management is based on the SNMP protocol, it is possible to assign a single IP address for the entire stack.

Support for the Rapid Spanning Tree protocol, backup power through the 3Com SuperStack Advanced Redundant Power System allow you to create fault-tolerant solutions based on 4200 equipment. Thanks to such functions as filtering of broadcast (multicast) layer 2 traffic, support of virtual LAN according to the requirements of 802.1Q, prioritization of traffic according to 802.1p, etc., 4200 switches provide effective management of available bandwidth and help to implement modern network applications.

The scope of delivery includes fasteners for mounting in a 19-inch rack. The recommended retail price of the 4250T model is $1995, the 4226T model is $995.
"The new switches can be an excellent replacement for the popular 3300 series," said Rafael Shamiev, Head of the Race Communications Product Department. "At the same price level, the 4200 models not only provide higher performance, but also offer more Ethernet ports."

Race Communications, a Russian system integrator, offers laboratory-tested solutions from leading telecommunications equipment suppliers. The company carries out a full cycle of work: design, delivery, installation, as well as training of specialists and project support. For more information about Race Communications, please call (495) 785-0770, 916-RACE
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