Press release: Race Communications: Five years in the telecommunications market.

Race Communications, one of the leading Russian system integrators, celebrated in August the fifth anniversary of its creation and the beginning of active work in the domestic telecommunications market.

Representatives of partners and customers - world leaders in the production of computer and telecommunications equipment and software, major telecom operators, Russian and international banks, oil and gas industry enterprises, industrial and transport enterprises, as well as editors-in-chief and publishers of the most popular computer newspapers and magazines - came to congratulate the hero of the day. Some foreign guests attended the celebration virtually - through video and audio conferences organized using VTEL equipment and demonstration equipment from Delight 2000 through channels provided by Sovintel.

The backbone of the company was formed in 1989, when a group of engineers, recent graduates of the Moscow Aviation Institute, developed and began to produce Xonex personal computers compatible with Apple II PC software on a domestic element base. Further developments for this platform became interested overseas, and soon energetic young specialists created Race Communications USA, Inc. in the USA. There, their area of interest extended to the provider and project business.

Starting with modems and equipment for data transmission networks using the X.25 protocol, Race Communications is constantly exploring related areas and in five years has significantly expanded its portfolio of solutions, which now include multimedia global networks with data, voice and video transmission; virtual networks with hundreds and thousands of customers; wireless and radio relay systems; departmental telephony systems; security complexes, access restrictions and information protection, and much more.

Today, about 70 people work in the company's divisions. The share of the project business has increased to 20%, the number of suppliers has exceeded 30, and the number of customers is approaching 1000. In 1997, the company's turnover reached $10 million.

Race Communications employees thank their partners and customers for their warm congratulations on the anniversary day and wish them success and prosperity.

Race Communications specializes in system integration in the field of corporate and telecommunication systems. The company offers solutions based on products and technologies of the world's leading manufacturers of network and computer equipment and software: Motorola ING, PairGain, Cisco, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, Siemens, RAD Data, MultiTech, Eicon, Elteco, APC, VTEL, Novell, Citrix, Patton Electronics, etc. For more information about Race Communications, please call (495) 785-0770, on the Web server or by email

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