Press release: Regions are mastering FR technology.

On October 17-18
, the first conference on regional issues was held in Ufa (Bashkiria).
    networks. It was conducted by the Express Information and commercial
Center (Ufa) and the Moscow
branch of Race Communications (USA).


    ICC "Express" is the largest
regional network operator in Bashkiria with
    frame relay (FR) and actually
    it has a monopoly on this type of communication in
the republic. Network development, delivery
    equipment and consulting services for
the "Express" were performed by Race (see box).
    The organizers of the conference pursued two goals:
    popularize modern technology among regional
enterprises and banks
    organization of enterprise-scale networks and help
those of them who have already implemented it in their
information systems.


    Reports delivered by the Secretary-General
    Director of JSC "Bashinformsvyaz" Salavat
    Gaisin, representatives of Motorola, Global One (former
    Sprint) and Race, addressed to current and potential
    to clients of the ICC "Express", partners of the center,
    reselling global FR communications services,
    and technical specialists who operate
    FR-equipment. At the end of the reports , the lecturers answered
    to the questions of listeners, private problems
    discussed at meetings with experts "one on one
    one." Express engineers deployed
    a demo network in which it was possible to
    try out all the services provided by the center:
access to FR and X.25 networks, Global One and
Internet global networks, voice transmission over FR networks, etc.


    The organizers decided not to divide the work
of the conference into several sections:
the topics of the reports changed and changed accordingly
    the composition of the listeners. In total
, more than a hundred people attended the lectures.


    "Express" and Race Communications is not the first time
    they are engaged in educational activities. Race
    annually organizes seminars in Moscow on
    global networks, and the ICC conducts training for its
partners and customers, as well as all comers
    working with telecommunications. However
    an event of this scale in one of the regions
    It was held in Russia for the first time. All the more pleasant
    note the high level of organization
    conferences and good content
    reports. It is also important that Express and
Race have taken on the main financial costs,
    therefore, for the guests, participation in the conference was


    Dim Mukhamadeev, Director of the ICC "Express" and
Director of the Moscow representative office of Race
    Communications Leonid Lopatin promised to do
    Ufa conference on regional networks


    BashNet Network:
history and facts


The creation of the Republican
Data Transmission Network BashNet began about five years ago
    back, the global model served as a model for it
    Sprint network. Performed network deployment work
    ICC "Express", he also became
    telecommunications operator. Initially
    the BashNet network was built using
    Sprint equipment, in particular, its core is
    112-port TP48 backbone switch.


    Gradually revealed the inherent
    disadvantages of the equipment: private implementation
of the frame relay protocol, functional
    restrictions, high price, etc. Race Communications Company,
    specializing in global technologies
    networks, offered to use as
    trunk devices are multiprotocol
    routers from Motorola, and as
    terminal adapters - Eicon products
    Technology. Cooperation between Express and Race
    allowed to deploy the FR-network of the republican


    Race has developed a project, the implementation of which
    engineers of "Express" were engaged. The
qualification of the latter is indicated at least by the fact that
    they independently found a way to organize
a virtual channel for connecting the equipment
    Sprint, passing through Motorola routers, is
a possibility, initially not included in this hardware


    In 1995, the integration of global
telecommunications operators Sprint, Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom led to
    to create an even more extensive Global One network. How
    as a result, the range of services has also expanded,
    provided by the ICC "Express".


    Today, the BashNet network covers 59 district centers
of Bashkiria. Most trunk channels
allow you to transmit data at a speed of 28.8
    Kbit/s. Connection with the Moscow node of the Global Net network
    it is carried out via satellite channel. ICC
"Express" provides access services to
    FR, X.25, X.400 networks, as well as on the Internet, voice transmission by
    FR-networks, e-mail, telex, teletype,
    telegraph, resells the services of the Global One network,
    sets up a direct Ufa or Moscow
phone with a fixed monthly tariff with
an unlimited number of incoming and outgoing calls
    calls, etc.


    Interesting fact: in Bashkiria, all banking
    money transfer operations are performed during
    one day, as required by the Presidential decree
    republics. Without the BashNet network, it would be impossible to execute the decree

Race Communications specializes in
    system integration in the field of corporate and
telecommunication systems. Company
    offers solutions based on products and
technologies of the world's leading manufacturers
    network and computer equipment and software
    Software: Motorola ING, PairGain, Cisco, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, RAD Data,
    MultiTech, Eicon, APC, Novell, Citrix, Patton Electronics, etc. More
    For more information about Race Communications, please
    to find out by phone (495) 785-0770, on the Web server or by email .

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