Press release: SPIN satellite communications network is ready for operation.

CJSC Race-Communication and CJSC Race Telecom announce the completion of construction and completion of acceptance tests of the central earth station of the satellite communications network entering the market under the SPIN™ trademark.
The network, built using VSAT technology, is designed to provide affordable and practically unlimited in geography communication services. For the first time, corporate customers and individuals will be able to receive the services of such a powerful network, designed for the simultaneous operation of thousands of subscribers and using the resources of two new-generation satellite systems, recently launched into orbit by FSUE Space Communications.

The SPIN network, whose name is based on the words Space & Intelligence (Space and Intelligence), was built by Race Communications in the interests of investors in record time - in just three months. The services that the network subscribers will receive include Internet access, telephone communication, access to corporate networks and their integration, connection to payment systems, video on demand and many others. The use of transponders of two new-generation Russian satellite systems at once, Express-AM22 with a standing point of 53° VD and Express-AM11 with a standing point of 96.5°, made it possible to announce unprecedented reliability, productivity and geography of service provision, when connection to a single network is possible in Eastern, Central and Western Europe, Northern Africa, all over the territory of the Russian Federation (except Chukotka), Kazakhstan, Asian countries.

"SPIN is being created as an IP network in which data transmission and telematics services will be provided. The SPINnetwork is focused not only on corporate needs, but also on the tasks of medium and small businesses, as well as private users and entrepreneurs," commented Alexey Vtorygin, First Deputy General Director of Race Communications. - SPIN™ allows you to quickly and inexpensively organize corporate multiservice networks (voice, video, conference calls), as well as provide communication to remote branches or production sites. It is possible to deploy an individual or mass Internet access service based on SPIN in areas where "classic" communication methods are difficult to access or unprofitable."

The network operator in the Russian Federation will be a subsidiary of Race-Communication - CJSC Race Telecom. The installation of the subscription kit takes no more than an hour, and its price is available to a wide range of customers. Race Telecom plans to deploy at least 1,000 VSAT subscriber stations by the end of 2004.

At the exhibition "Svyaz Expocomm - 2004", the new satellite network and SPIN™ service will be presented at stand No. 16A (in the open air between Pavilions No. 1 and the Forum), as well as at the Race stand (in Pavilion No. 1, stand No. 1222).

Race Communications is a Russian system integrator offering laboratory-tested solutions from leading telecommunications equipment suppliers. Race carries out a full cycle of work: design, delivery, installation, as well as training of specialists and project support. More information about Race Communications can be obtained at

The Race Telecom operator was established in 1997 with the participation of Race Communications. Today, Race Telecom is a high-tech company that builds business on the introduction of modern communication standards and provides customers with a full range of services in the field of Internet and telephony, directs its activities to solving problems of any scale, practices an integrated approach and provides integrated telecommunications services.
For more information, please contact:
to Nikita Yemets and Elena Mitina, Race-Communication CJSC
(495) 785-0770, 916-RACE (916-7223) and by email
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Race Communications represents the SPIN™ satellite communications network.