Press release: Race Communications specialists are studying the PairGain AVIDIA system.

Race Communications has been operating for more than
    he has been successfully using it in his projects for three years
    xDSL-equipment from ADC (PairGain) Technologies. In the first quarter of 1999
    G. PairGain starts mass production of AVIDIA,
    a new generation universal access multiplexer
. This system supports a wide
range of protocols and interfaces, working with it
requires deep knowledge of telecommunications
technologies. PairGain presents increased
    requirements for their partners planning
to distribute the AVIDIA system. In
particular, a prerequisite is
the training of partner personnel in educational institutions.
    centers of the manufacturer.


Specialists of Race Communications, the largest
    the Russian distributor PairGain, passed such
    training at the end of November 1998 The first PairGain courses on
    The AVIDIA system was devoted to marketing and
pre-sale consultations. Great attention
    attention was paid to modern communication technologies:
    Frame Relay, ATM, IP, xDSL. The main emphasis was placed on
    studying the products included in the AVIDIA family and
typical applications for them, as well as on the principles of
    building integrated (with simultaneous
transmission of data, voice and video) networks on their
    based on.


    “The AVIDIA access multiplexer is very good
    fits into the modern concept
of multimedia networks and is consistent with our
vision of the future of telecommunications, - said
    Dmitry Orlov, Technical Director of Race Communications. -
For five years of work in the Russian market, we
    hundreds of Frame Relay, IP networks have been designed and deployed
    and ATM, including using xDSL technology, and
we will be able to include the AVIDIA system in our projects immediately
    as soon as its industrial production begins.”


    The AVIDIA system serves to ensure
    high-speed (up to 7.5 Mbit/s) access
    individual users and branches in
    campus environments to corporate information
    resources and networks of providers (including Internet) by
    copper twisted pair. AVIDIA products have implemented
    G.LITE standard for asymmetric digital
    subscriber lines, they are equipped with interfaces
    interfaces with Frame Relay and ATM backbone networks.
    Support in the new equipment for IP routing and
management over the SNMP protocol allows you to combine
    hundreds of local networks and tens of thousands


    Race Communications will not only provide delivery,
    configuration and technical support of products
    AVIDIA, but will also train IT department engineers to work with
    them. The company has a Training center,
    licensed by the State Committee of the Russian Federation for Higher Education


Race Communications specializes in
    system integration in the field of corporate and
telecommunication systems. Company
    offers solutions based on products and
technologies of the world's leading manufacturers
    network and computer equipment and software
    Software: Motorola ING, PairGain, Cisco, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, RAD Data,
    MultiTech, Eicon, APC, Novell, Citrix, Patton Electronics, etc. More
    For more information about Race Communications, please
    to find out by phone (495) 785-0770, on the Web server or by email .

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