Press release: Telephone and fax communication in the FRAME RELAY network.

On October 17 and 18 , Ufa hosted
    conference on the construction and
operation of regional data transmission networks
    with the integration of telephone and fax services
    communications. The main reason for its holding was
    completion of the second stage of development
    The Republican integrated network, as a
result of which the operator of the ICC
"Express" network was able to offer
    to its subscribers (over 1000 in 54 localities
    Bashkiria) two new services: telephone communication by
    Frame Relay (FR) channels and Internet access.


    The conference participants were particularly interested in
    coverage and practical demonstration
of speech and fax transmission technologies using the FR protocol.
    ICC "Express" became the first in Russia and one
    one of the few operators in the world that offered this
service on a commercial basis (up to
    recently , it has been provided,
    for example, in the USA only one company and in Germany -
three). Moreover, "Express" - throughout
    apparently, the only operator who solved this
problem on the basis of existing telephone cables.
    As a developer and system administrator
    the integrator of the project was the Russian branch
    the American company Race Communications. Equipment
    supplied by Motorola ISG.


    The Bashkir
Bank of Sberbank of Russia was the first to use the new service. Already three of its branches in
    remote areas of the republic can exchange
    with the central office in Ufa, data and fax, as
well as conduct telephone conversations on one (for
each branch) virtual channel, other
    in other words, the bank has no need to pay
    long-distance telephone conversations.

Race Communications specializes in
    system integration in the field of corporate and
telecommunication systems. Company
    offers solutions based on products and
technologies of the world's leading manufacturers
    network and computer equipment and software
    Software: Motorola ING, PairGain, Cisco, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, RAD Data,
    MultiTech, Eicon, APC, Novell, Citrix, Patton Electronics, etc. More
    For more information about Race Communications, please
    to find out by phone (495) 785-0770, on the Web server or by email .

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