Press release: WebLocator LITE - easy price and full functionality.

As part of the SVYAZEXPOCOMM-2004 exhibition, Race Communications and MegaFon present a new service related to mobile positioning - WebLocator LITE. The main feature of the novelty is that you can now use the Weblocator system service via a regular mobile phone.

For the first time, WebLocator, a distributed control system for mobile objects, was presented at the Svyaz-Expocom-2002 exhibition as a new integrated service of the strategic alliance of Megafon and Race Communication companies. Since December 2002, the system has been put into operation. The connection is available for both companies and individuals. Until today, the use of the system was possible only with special GPS/GSM equipment.

The recent commissioning of the mobile positioning service by the MegaFon-Moscow network (called AOP) for all its subscribers made it possible to develop and launch the Weblocator LITE service, which offers all the functionality of Weblocator in a simplified interface and only on the territory of the MegaFon-Moscow network, i.e. in Moscow and the region. But in order to use the Weblocator LITE service, you do not need to buy special GPS/GSM equipment, you can use the system with any ordinary GSM device connected to the MegaFon network. The difference from the AOP service (a request to determine the position from one phone and send it in text form as an SMS to another phone) is that the subscriber of the Weblocator LITE service, forming his requests through the system interface on a computer, sees the position of the requested subscribers on an electronic map, receives all the statistics of their movements, is able to keep records and control, to carry out effective logistics, to call for help in unforeseen situations.

"Weblocator LITE was conceived by us a long time ago," said Leonid Lopatin, CEO of Race Communications. The time has come to launch it, and we predict that Weblocator LITE will meet the needs of such potential customers as taxi companies, delivery services, courier services, route assistance services, services providing guide services. That is, those companies in whose work mobile communication is necessary and constantly operated, and the use of the Weblocator system before the launch of the LITE version was not economically justified, given that they all need coverage only in Moscow and the region. Now they have an offer corresponding to their needs - Weblocator LITE."

Any MegaFon-Moscow subscriber can connect Weblocator LITE as an additional service. To connect, it does not matter at what tariff the subscriber is served. The subscription fee will be only 5 USD per month, the price of requesting coordinates in the Weblocator LITE system is 0.07 USD. All prices are shown without taxes.

"The new Weblocator LITE service has significantly lowered the price threshold for using telematics services in Russia, now they are available to a wide range of small businesses and small entrepreneurs. Using a "lightweight" package of services is easier and more economical. Now there is a choice - to use the more expensive, but global telematics system Weblocator or to opt for a simpler version of LITE, which will work only on the local network. At the same time, the quality of services will remain unchanged," commented Igor Parfenov, Technical Director of Sonic Duo CJSC (MegaFon-Moscow).

From May 11 to July 1, 2004, the Weblocator LITE service is available for free in test operation mode to all subscribers of the MegaFon-Moscow network. From July 1, billing will be carried out according to the established tariffs.

WebLocator is a joint project of Race Communications and Sonic Duo (MegaFon network operator in the Moscow region), official website: www.locator.ruWebLocator uses the MapInfo cartographic platform, a world leader in the field of cartographic platforms, provided by the Russian company ESTY MAP,

Authorized Weblocator equipment Installation centers:

LoJack, http://www.

Information about the organizers of the Weblocator project:CJSC Sonic Duo is a 100% subsidiary of OJSC MegaFon, the operator of the MegaFon network in the Moscow region.

The Moscow MegaFon network provides all its subscribers with high-quality access to a variety of information resources and the most advanced mobile services, including solutions based on mobile positioning, MMS and GPRS. The company offers profitable and fair pricing principles adopted in most European countries. CJSC "Sonic Duo" in cooperation with the leaders of the global telecommunications market dynamically develops the network and improves the standards of customer service in the Moscow region. In the MegaFon regional networks, Moscow subscribers use mobile communications at a single and profitable roaming tariff. Subscribers of the MegaFon network can use roaming services in 156 countries around the world. The official website of the MegaFon network in the Moscow region:

Race Communications (CJSC Race-Communication) is a Russian system integrator. The company offers laboratory-tested solutions from leading telecommunications equipment suppliers. Race carries out a full cycle of work: design, delivery, installation, as well as training of specialists and project support. Additional information about the company on For more information, please contact:

Mikhail Khazhinsky, Project Manager of WebLocator (Race Communications)
Tel.: +7 095 785 0770 ,

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