Press release: WebLocator is a distributed control system for mobile objects.

WebLocator as a distributed control system for mobile objects was presented for the first time at the Svyaz-Expocom-2002 exhibition as a new integrated service of the strategic alliance of Megafon, PRIN and Race Communication companies.

The ideology of building the system provides users with the ability to access a multi-user cartographic information server via the Internet or a corporate network and obtain a map fragment with a display of a controlled mobile object. This approach significantly expands the range of users of modern navigation systems.

The first users of the new system will be medium and small businesses, but until the end of 2002, the service it will be offered to corporations and individuals. Previously, navigation of mobile objects was not economically justified for a wide range of users, because the price of a traditional set of software and hardware reaches tens of thousands of dollars. In the system, the user purchases only an on-board kit, and access to powerful and expensive cartographic resources is provided to him for a moderate subscription fee comparable to paying for a cell phone. Thus, each client of the system gets the opportunity:

  • See the location of your the object against the background of the most detailed and reliable electronic map

  • Find a location objects of interest in the urban environment (streets, metro stations, pharmacies, restaurants, etc.)

  • Put your own on the map objects (offices, warehouses, points of sale, etc.)

  • Determine the length of the route between arbitrary points

  • Install Voice connecting to an object directly with your computer (using IP telephony)

Additional services are also provided to the client. As the system develops, the list of such services will continuously expand, providing the user with information about the operational traffic situation, optimal routes , etc.

The creation of the system became possible thanks to the development of mobile communications, Internet/Intranet technologies, as well as satellite navigation and electronic cartography.

The project participants divided their roles in this way:

  • Megafon - providing a transport messaging environment with mobile facilities in the entire coverage area of GSM networks both in Russia and abroad.

  • PRIN - development and delivery the necessary onboard equipment.

  • Race Communication - system project integration, provision and development of cartographic and information server services.

The provision of the service on a commercial basis is scheduled for the 4th quarter 2002 after conducting comprehensive tests of the WebLocator system in various organizations.

The demonstration of the WebLocator system at the Svyaz-Expocom-2002 exhibition begins the countdown to the beginning of access to the most modern mobile object navigation technologies for a wide range of businesses and private users .

Race Communications, a Russian system integrator, offers laboratory-tested solutions from leading telecommunications equipment suppliers. The company carries out a full cycle of work: design, delivery, installation, as well as training of specialists and project support. More detailed information about Race Communications can be obtained by calling (495) 785-0770, 916-RACE (916-7223), on the Web server or by email .

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