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The development of mobile communications promises us truly miracles

Petersburgers have not seen such a number of various novelties in the field of communications for a long time - the next international exhibition "Norvekom-2003" has just ended here. More than three hundred domestic and foreign telecommunications firms and companies took part in it .

Speaking at the telecommunications forum, the General director of one of the three "whales" of cellular communications - OJSC "Megafon" Yuri Pavlenko noted that the mobile phone is becoming more and more common - today there are about 18 million owners of once inaccessible "tubes"! Of these, the subscriber base of Megafon itself is more than three and a half million, and the company's networks operate in five federal districts.

The Megafon exposition occupied an entire floor of one of the largest LENEXPO pavilions and made a strong impression on the visitors of Norvekom-2003 . And not least - thanks to the abundance of technological innovations. Thus, visitors learned that a few days before the opening of the exhibition , MMC roaming was opened between the networks of the Moscow North-Western MegaFon . Now the usual set of multimedia services is available to all subscribers.

Multimedia services were also presented at the stands (including MMC content), BotFighters mobile game, WebLocator dispatch system and other unique features.

MMS services, for example, allow owners of mobile phones to exchange messages with colored "pictures" and photos and additionally - with musical accompaniment.

The BotFighters game based on mobile positioning technology aroused the keen interest of visitors. This is something like a mobile paintball with bullets - SMS messages and opponents - cellular subscribers: players scan the space, determining the location of rivals, and try to hit targets.

A special section of the Megafon exposition was dedicated to the first WebLocator dispatcher system in Russia and, by the way, throughout Eastern Europe - a kind of electronic navigator-dispatcher with extensive technical capabilities. Eg, WebLocator can serve as an effective addition to the security alarm system.

It is impossible not to mention the original format of the Megafon exposition - visitors were attracted by the "television" show "All-Russian Channel "Megafon".

News from the regions of presence, an interactive program "Happy Subscriber", a fashion show of "live" models with the latest mobile phones and other creative finds provided a permanent full house at the stands of the first all-Russian operator at "Norvekom-2003".

By the way, Megafon strives for mass attention not only on professional forums. The company is confident that the services presented at the exhibition will help attract new subscribers.

Alexey Kharchenko, Rossiyskaya Gazeta No. 41, p. 5.

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