The press about Race: Race Communications wished to sponsor the Rostov Regional Center for Strategic Studies.

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The other day, the Southwest Bank of Sberbank of the Russian Federation announced that with its participation, as well as the participation of Race Communications and the support of the Ministry of Economy, Trade, International and Foreign Economic Relations of the Rostov Region, a Regional Center for Strategic Research and Forecasting (hereinafter RCSI) was opened on the basis of Rostov State University. Among the main tasks that the RCSI should be engaged in is the development of long—term scenarios for the socio-economic development of the regions of the South of Russia, strategic forecasts for the development of the region based on models of intersectoral balance, geoinformation technologies, scenario forecasting methods, as well as participation in the evaluation of major regional investment projects. It is planned that the Center will monitor the economic, food, environmental and technological security of the regions, make a rating of investment attractiveness and investment potential of the region and sub-regional structures. As Race Communications told IT-daily, this company sponsored financially and technically the creation of the above-mentioned center. However, Race employees did not want to disclose the size of the company's investments in this organization.

2004-07-01 17:10:00
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