Tests of a mobile remote video surveillance system have been carried out.

Company Race Communications tested a remote video surveillance system based on the Axis 2460 video server, Axis 2100 and 2120 web cameras using mobile communications and a pocket computer as an end terminal. During the tests , the following functions were studied:

  • Required bandwidth the communication channel between the camera and the client in depending on the size and degree image compression
  • Checking Axis hardware compatibility Communications with various peripherals devices
  • Testing of specialized software on pocket iPAQ 3630 computers
  • Checking the interaction of the iPAQ with the camera when transmitting data over the GPRS channel
  • Image quality and compatibility check equipment for broadcasting images to a multimedia kiosk
  • Testing the capabilities of the video server Axis 2460 and load testing

The test results are published in the section "Laboratory Race".

Next news
Race Communications announces the termination of sales of the Cisco 3640 router.