Race Communications announces new Eicon Diva Server boards.

Race Communications announces the release of new Eicon Diva Server V-2PRI and V-4PRI server boards. Universal Diva Server V-Series cards are connected to the telephone network via the E1 or T1 interface, and, complete with the software installed on the server, ensure the operation of business applications such as voice portals and contact centers.

Diva Server V-2PRI/V-4PRI are the most powerful PC–based telephone adapters that support traditional and IP telephony (CTI) protocols. The Diva Server V-2PRI card supports up to 60 voice channels on two E1 lines or two ISDN PRI lines; and up to 48 voice channels on two T1 lines. The Diva Server V-4PRI card supports up to 120 voice channels over four E1 or four ISDN PRI lines; and up to 96 voice channels over four T1 lines.

The boards are equipped with DSP processors for digital signal processing (one processor for every six voice channels), which provides real-time voice processing and allows you to improve the performance of the system as a whole. High scalability of the solution is achieved by simply adding boards to the same server. The Diva Server V-Series cards exchange data with a computer via a PCI bus with a clock frequency of 66 MHz and a supply voltage of 3 V, which allows you to increase processing speed and at the same time reduce power consumption and heat generation.

Diva Server V-2PRI/V-4PRI cards support plug&play installation technology in Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, and are also supported in Linux OS, including SuSE and RedHat versions.

The release of new boards makes it possible to significantly increase the port density in CTI applications based on Eicon equipment, which is especially important when creating carrier-class solutions.

Delivery of Diva Server V-2PRI/V-4PRI boards is expected in December 2005 at a price of $9085 and $13193, respectively. You can find additional information on the website www.eicon.com

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