Race Communications at the GAZ exhibition.OIL-99. The Race Telecom company has been opened.

Race Communications, a leading Russian system integrator, took part in the international specialized exhibition GAS. OIL-99. The seventh exhibition was held from June 8 to 11 in the capital of Bashkortostan, Ufa, and brought together specialists in various fields: oilfield geology, geophysics, oil and gas production technology, automation and communications.

The official opening of Race Telecom, a subsidiary of Race, was timed to coincide with the exhibition in Ufa Communications. The new company will provide communication channels to secondary Internet providers, the number of which is constantly growing in Bashkiria. Race Telecom is the regional representative of the joint-stock company in the Republic of Bashkortostan Rostelecom, the largest long-distance operator.

Telecommunication technologies at the exhibition, in addition to Race Communications, were represented by ICC firms ~Express~ (the enterprise of JSC ~Bashinformsvyaz~) and the Central station of technological communication of RAO Gazprom. The exhibitors have been successfully cooperating with each other for a long time, and the current exhibition was no exception: together they organized a videoconference between the pavilions of the exhibition complex and the central office of RAO Gazprom in Moscow.

The basis of videoconferencing was the equipment and software of VTEL, one of the world's largest manufacturers in this field. VTEL produces a full range of devices for organizing video and document conferences, from inexpensive PC systems to high-performance stationary equipment for conference rooms. At the Race booth Communications installed a mid-range desktop system SETTOP 250 and a specialized complex for TC2000 conference rooms. Special value is attached to VTEL equipment by such means as:
- a system for the exchange and joint discussion of electronic documents, which allows you to work with business applications without interrupting a video conference session;
-"intelligent" video cameras that automatically select the optimal plan;
- an electronic tablet with which the presenter manages the course of the conference, etc.

The central place in the Race Communications exposition was occupied by packet telephony, a rapidly developing technology that allows combining data and voice transmission in one network and, thus, significantly reducing telephone communication costs. The company demonstrated solutions for packet telephony based on Motorola ING and Cisco Systems equipment at the exhibition. Motorola devices Vanguard and Cisco 3810, 2600 and 3600 families provide connection from one analog to 112 digital telephone ports, are easily scaled and guarantee high return on investment both in corporate environments and in telecommunications provider networks. When equipping offices, IP phones provide greater flexibility Selsius by Cisco Systems, which are connected directly to the Ethernet LAN.

Channel-forming devices were widely presented at the Race Communications stand : modems for conventional telephone lines, modems for physical lines (short-range modems), ISDN terminal adapters, hardware xDSL (digital subscriber line) and fiber-optic modems. Layout of the global network at the Race stand Communications included the latest products of Pairgain firms Technologies, Multitech Systems, Patton Electronics, Eicon Technology.

The success of Race Communications and other telecommunications companies participating in the exhibition testifies to the important role that information technology experts play in vertical industries and, in particular, in the oil and gas industry. Modern computing and networking tools help to efficiently use and manage enterprise resources.

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