Race Communications starts supplying 3Com SuperStack 3 Baseline equipment.

Company Race Communications announces changes in the SuperStack 3 Baseline family of low-cost hubs and Ethernet switches for workgroups produced by 3Com Corporation. The new models received a number of additional features, as well as a more attractive price.

The 12-port 3C16464C switch was replaced by a 16-port 3C16470 device, which received priority assignment support in accordance with the requirements 802.1p. Due to the rejection of the possibility of connecting to an external fault-tolerant power source that is not in demand by users , the retail price has been reduced by $ 50 and is now $495.

The 3C16471 switch is equipped with 24 ports 10/100 BaseT, like the discontinued 3C16465C, however, supports the 802.1p standard and lacks power backup facilities. The price of the 3C16471 model is $595 (the 3C16465C model cost $775).

The new 3C16410 hub has the same traffic processing capabilities as the 3C16592B removed from the price list, but the abandonment of power backup means allowed increasing the number of 10/100 BaseT ports from 12 to 16 at the same retail price of $345.

Equipment of the updated 3Com family SuperStack 3 Baseline is available for order, delivery from a warehouse in Moscow or within 4-6 weeks.

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