Race Communications begins deliveries of the Cisco ATA-188 telephone adapter.

The Cisco ATA-188 telephone adapter is designed for connecting conventional (analog) telephones to packet telephony networks. With the ATA-188 adapter, it is possible to ensure a smooth transition from traditional office telephone services to new VoIP technologies, while analog telephones and IP phones can be used together.

ATA-188 is the second model of this series (the first - ATA-186), has a 10/100BaseT Ethernet port for connecting to a data network, two RJ-11 ports for connecting analog phones and (unlike ATA-186) an Ethernet port for connecting a PC. To ensure the quality of service, voice traffic can be allocated to a separate virtual network - Voice VLAN.

The new adapter supports codecs G.711, G.723.1, G.729, as well as protocols H.323v2, SIP, MGCP, SCCP.

Each of the telephones can have its own unique phone number. However, there is a restriction that when using the G.729 codec on one of the phones, the second one must use G.711.

The new adapter, as well as the previous ATA-186 model, is easily configured via a Web interface using a standard Web browser or using an analog phone connected to it .

The adapter is available to order, the prices according to the GPL price list are shown in the table.

Product CodeDescription

Price in USD


Cisco ATA 188 2-Port Adaptor With Switch, 600 Ohm Impedance



CallManager Unit license for single SCCP analog port



SIP, MGCP or H.323 License for 1-Port Cisco ATA


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